No Experience in Collision Repair? No Problem

Finding employment in the collision repair industry with little experience can be a daunting task for any new automotive technician. Experience is what employers are looking for, and in the end, that’s what pays the bills. So how does an aspiring technician go about finding quality employment that will carry them to the next stage of their career?

Here are a few helpful tips that may help point you in the right direction.

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1) Shop Helper

My first job in a collision repair facility was as a painters helper. I was offered a meager starting wage, which in hindsight was okay considering I didn’t have a tool to my name, no industry experience and had never been in the paint department of a body shop before.

I learned a ton at that job. Learning from those around you as an inexperienced employee is important when it comes to how quickly you’ll progress in the trades. Starting your career off as a helper can allow you to gain experience at a respectable pace while acquiring the tools you’ll need to make your paycheck along the way.

2)  Apprenticeship

Considering opportunities for apprenticeships offered through local auto body shops can be a positive step in the right direction.

While apprenticeships are typically tuned towards a specific area of expertise, they’re also valuable for new technicians seeking to further their on-the-job training.  Having the opportunity to learn from a journeyman technician will not only educate you on industry best practices, but also teach you how to organize work in a manner that’s profitable for you and your employer.

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3)  Vocational School

Continuing your education in the collision repair industry as well as any other industry is part of being a professional in today’s workforce. Choosing to take advantage of the numerous vocational school opportunities that are available should be considered when thinking of pursuing a career in the trades.

Enrolling in an auto body program can only assist in showing a new technician the ropes of their newly chosen career and teach them the skills they’ll need to be successful once entering the workforce.

Landing a job can be frustrating when starting out in a new profession, but like anything in the trades, using the tools available can makes things much easier. Keeping a positive attitude and staying persistent will make all the difference in locating a job in an auto body repair facility or any trades position.