How 50% of hires made at a Bridgestone hiring event came from one announcement on WorkHands

According to a recent SkillsUSA infographic, 83% of companies report a moderate to serious shortage of skilled workers.  With so many folks retiring from skilled trade positions and not enough entering these industries, everyone is feeling the strain of hiring craft workers.  The struggle to find quality skilled trade workers has lead even major household names like Bridgestone/Firestone to get creative.

Example announcement 1

When Bridgestone’s family of retail centers needed to fill multiple auto repair technician positions in their bay area stores, they joined forces and put on a hiring event at one of their locations. Candidates would be interviewed and offered right on the spot. With the date and location set, the Bridgestone/Firestone recruiter in charge of promoting the event posted the details to every outlet at his disposal. As a WorkHands recruiter, he also posted an announcement to all of the trade school networks he partnered with on WorkHands.

“…the turnout from WorkHands was very good!”
- Recruiter, Bridgestone/Firestone

After the event, the recruiter relayed that 50% of the candidates they hired that day came from the WorkHands’ announcement. He said, “…the turnout from WorkHands was very good!” The announcement not only brought attention to the specific hiring event, but also sparked connections on WorkHands that will last beyond the event.  He connected with automotive technicians, automotive students, alumni, and instructors at automotive training programs that will benefit both parties for the foreseeable future.

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