The WorkHands profile: Your Reputation, Resume, and Portfolio in the Trades

Reputation is important–it’s how you get hired in the trades. We built WorkHands so that workers in the trades could easily put their skills online and let the world see what they can do–just like on a job site. A WorkHands profile allows you to enter information on what tools you use or own, what certificates you have, and to share pictures of your past projects. Each section of your WorkHands profile plays a role in demonstrating your skill to your network. Let’s take a quick look under the hood at the different parts of a profile.

Pictures of Projects


We often hear that the “Proof is in the Pudding,” and at the end of the day people will judge you for the work you’ve done. That’s why we feature pictures of work prominently in your profile.  Just finished a great weld or finished up some intricate woodwork? Take a pic with your phone and upload it to your profile!


Licenses and Certifications


Licenses and certs are critical in the trades. Whether it’s AWS, NCCER, NIMS, OSHA, ASE or others, chances are in your trade you need to prove that you’ve got the skills. Keep track of them (and display them) on WorkHands. We’ll even remind you when they’re about to expire.

Tools and Equipment


When you walk into a shop or on a job site, it’s expected that you know your way around the tools of the trade. Some jobs require that you bring your own set tools, (or at least your own PPE). With WorkHands, you can show which tools you’ve worked with in the past and which you own and operate.

Work Experience & Education

 Experience on WorkHands

This is standard information that you’ll find on most resumes, and we include it as well. We’ll list out your work and school experience to show the detail behind the years you’ve spent in the trades.


WorkHands Network

We also organize your contacts. These are people you’ve worked with or studied with in your trade. You include your references, former supervisors and foremen, or just your buddy from that job site in Texas. A good network can go a long way in getting you hired, so make sure to add yours.

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