Free Stickers for Hard Hats, Tool Boxes, and the Job Site – You Want ‘Em, We Got ‘Em


People love stickers.

We’ve learned a lot about the trades since launching WorkHands back in September of last year.  We’ve visited dozens of trade schools, auto shops, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites, and there’s one huge takeaway that we’ve seen repeatedly. Stickers are like currency in the trades.  And knowing how much you guys love them, we’re happy to dish em out.  That’s what our WorkHands stickers are all about. There’s no catch, no gimmick–the sticker and the shipping are totally free. All you have to do is go to and let us know where to send ‘em.


Why do we do this?  The answer requires a little knowledge about the history of hard hat stickers.  Workers originally started putting stickers on their hardhats in order to show information that people on the job site might need. The stickers often indicated what company a worker was with, what qualifications he had, or even what training he had completed. In this way, a hardhat was like a wearable resume.  And the older and more wear and tear on the stickers, the more experience the guy under the hat had.


So that’s why we do it.  We love seeing the WorkHands sticker on the job site next to everything else you guys have slapped up there.  Getting to see our WorkHands logo out in the field is all the reward we need. The pictures you guys send in our proof positive that guys on the job like what we’re doing.

We love seeing pictures like this one from our users. Whether it’s on your hard hathood, or tool box, a WorkHands’ stickers look great out in the field or in a shop. If you snap a picture of your stickers in action and send it to us, we’ll even feature it on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). To get claim your stickers click here and start doing work with WorkHands today.