Phillips-Safety Gold Lens Review, UPDATE


What’s going on, ‘Hands!

I’m back with my update on Phillips-Safety’s gold lenses. To get you new users/followers up to speed, a couple months back I conducted a welding lens shootout (review) that included American Optical’s (AO) Weld Cool, Phillips-Safety gold lens, and Harris Products’ Omni View gold lens. All three lenses provided excellent clarity and visibility, but the gold coating on the Phillips-Safety gold lens flaked off as soon as I put them under water to clean them, directly out the package. I sent an email to Phillips-Safety informing them what had happened and was contacted immediately the following morning, by one of their staff. They paid the return shipping, sent me replacement lenses and assured me that this was a fluke.

Over the past several months I’ve been putting these replacement lenses through the wringer, taking them out of my hood almost daily to clean them with soap and water. I made sure not to exercise the same caution I normally would with gold lenses, applying more pressure than I normally would while cleaning them under running water. Heavy duty liquid detergents, brown paper towels, rags, t-shirts, I used anything I thought someone would have on hand in a shop or out in the field to clean their lenses with. I wanted to make sure the gold coating was not coming off and did everything I could think of (aside from intentionally scratching them) to get it to delaminate from the glass.

At this point I know you’re thinking, “enough BS, how did they do?” Well, I’m happy to report they exceeded my expectations and the coating did not flake, actually they didn’t even scratch. Phillips-Safety’s gold lenses passed my tests with flying colors and officially have my stamp of approval. If you’re in the market to purchase a new lens, I’d definitely recommend giving these a shot.

A special thanks goes out to Bill B. over at Phillips-Safety for his great customer service.

Work safe and have a great day,