Launch Day


It’s finally here, launch day. Starting today, anyone can sign up for WorkHands to build their reputation in the trades online (and mobile soon, too).

Starting this summer, we put a countdown on our white board in anticipation of this day. It finally reads zero, and we couldn’t be more excited about that. The whole team has put in a lot of effort to getting WorkHands to where it is today.

That team’s really grown this summer and includes everyone from the founding team to our industry experts, beta users, advisors, trade school instructors, students, friends, and family. We knew from the start that we couldn’t do this alone, and it’s been amazing getting everyone involved. We owe all of you a huge ‘thank you,’ and even that doesn’t quite express our gratitude.

Here’s where it gets even better though — launch day is just the start for WorkHands. The blue collar web won’t be built over night so keep getting involved, telling us what you want, and inviting your co-workers.

We’ll keep busting our tails to serve workers, whether that’s new products (did we mention we have a few apps coming?) or partnerships that help incorporate more of your world in the trades on WorkHands.

Let’s go out and build something special.


Photo courtesy of: David Glover