We’re Working For Your Trust


The best part of my day is when I get to talk to our site’s users. The stories I hear are amazing. Some are uplifting, like Daniel Paris who was trained by a 70yr old Finnish logger, while some are just plain useful like Buzz’s tactics for getting hired in construction.

But there’s one kind of emotion we haven’t shared yet, even though we’ve heard it a lot. And that’s frustration. It’s hard to catch a break out there. Everything’s expensive, from tools to equipment to gas, and you get nickel and dimed all day with people trying to stick their hand in your pocket.

Yeah I went [to that other professional site]. The only category for me was “general labor.” I’m not general labor; I’m a journeyman glazier, mother f—er.

a Journeyman Glazier, mother f—er

And then you go to the internet, where things are supposed to be easier. You’re not trying to be the next Bill Gates, but you use the web like anyone else. Finding and applying for jobs, connecting with guys who know your trade — it’s all practically impossible for the trades online given the limited resources that are out there. And every day you see a story about how some company just got a billion dollars to make a better version of mobile phone scrabble.

That’s why we started WorkHands. Why the hell are there 12 apps (and counting) to get drunk city kids a ride home but few that help a carpenter find work?

Sure, there’s other professional sites out there. But, if you go to put your information on one of those other professional sites, you can’t help but notice that it’s not for you. Like a friend of ours said:

“Yeah I went there. The only category for me was “general labor.” I’m not general labor; I’m a journeyman glazier, mother f—er.”

That’s what we’re about. We’re a couple of guys who grew up in blue collar families but wound up doing tech in Silicon V alley. We’re building WorkHands to be a home online for the guys that are actually out there working their asses off to keep this country running.

We’re not going to solve all your problem — we can’t lower your rent, we can’t fix your truck, and we definitely aren’t the ones you want building your next home. But we can make it easier to keep your professional history online, easier to apply for and get a job, and easier to connect with guys like yourself around the country.

We’re working to earn your trust. I know it’s hard to believe for some guys, but we’re building for YOU. We’re responsible to YOU. We’re not one of those groups trying to nickel and dime you and take advantage. We’re out trying to do our part to make things a bit easier for the trades in this country because damn’t if that isn’t too rare a thing these days.

Think we can do better? We want to hear it. Oh, you haven’t tried us out yet? Well what’re you waiting for? Sign up today and give us a shot.