WorkHands is Live at Laney College in Oakland!

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It’s finally here: Launch Day!

Well, kind of.

This morning we launched the site for students in skilled trades programs at Laney College in Oakland, CA. We’re also asking some friends, family and our industry experts like Buzz and Lawrence to build out their own profiles over the next few weeks as we prepare to let in all of those users who’ve been asking for invites these past few months.

We couldn’t be more excited about reaching this point and finally getting real people onto our site. We’ve been working hard for months and this launch has long been the “finish line” we had our eyes on. We’re incredibly thankful for the support we’ve gotten from Laney College’s faculty leading up to this launch — allowing us to demo for their students and providing us with valuable feedback before we’d even launched.

Overall, we’re happy with what we’ve built, but we’ve also got our eyes on what’s next. Having new members join WorkHands to create their profiles is great. Getting feedback from students on what they like (and don’t like) is exciting. Helping students stand out in their job search is really exciting (and our real goal).

And really, launch day is all about that inflection point. For the WorkHands team, today is a milestone that represents the “end” of lots of hard work. For our new members, today is the beginning of a new web experience through which they can represent their unique skillsets online.

WorkHands has a long way to go, but as of today, we’re off and running.